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BioHabil Seminar Series

The BioHabil Seminar Series is an open access seminar, where you can present the following topics:seminar-series

  • Your own research (especially new people in the faculty are welcome)
  • A scientific method
  • A research problem

The talks should be no longer than 30 min + 15 min discussion. The seminar takes place Thursdays starting at 13:00, in room D00.013.

If you would like to give a presentation please contact Serena Schwenkert.

To receice the E-mail alerts please register here.

Speaker list and titles for 2016/2017

17.12.15 Noémie Becker Evolution of agents of Lyme disease: first results and future projects
28.01.16 Cristina Tuni (BioNa laureate 2015) Sexual selection in changing social
environments: unifying the pre and post-mating divide
25.02.16 Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali t3421, a novel temperature sensitive cell division mutant in C. elegans
17.03.16 Carolin Haug (BioNa laureate 2015) The evolution of body organisation in arthropods: key to their success?
21.04.16 Chris Carrie (BioNa laureate 2015) Do plant mitochondria contain a twin arginine translocation pathway?
19.05.16 Martin Lehmann MSBioLMU - Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules at LMU
16.06.16 Jae Yen Shin Understanding single fluorophore blinking to unveil protein complexformation with super-resolution microscopy
20.10.16 Esther Zanin TPXL-1 is part of the aster-based signal during cytokinesis
24.11.16 Mia Stockenreiter Diversity and invasion in freshwater phytoplankton: from lab to field experiments
15.12.16 Jörg Meurer Recruitment of factors for transcript stabilization
19.01.17 Katharina Jörger (BioNa laureate 2016) Can 'museomics' revitalize the taxonomy of aplacophoran molluscs?
16.02.17 Bettina Bölter The chloroplast inner envelope translocon – a puzzling enigma
16.03.17 Kathrin Müller-Rischart (BioNa laureate 2016) Cellular consequences of mitochondrial proteotoxic stress
18.05.17 David Chiasson A quantitative hypermorphic cyclic nucleotide-gated channel allele confers ectopic calcium influx
22.06.17 Anja Schneider The Arabidopsis transporter PAM71, crucial for manganese delivery to maintain optimalphotosynthesis, is conserved in plants, bacteria and in humans
19.10.17 Andreas Fleischmann Evolution of carnivory in flowering plants
16.11.17 Kathrin Fröhlich Regulation of Gene Expression by Non-Coding RNAs in Bacteria
21.12.17 Serena Schwenkert JASSY - the Missing Link in Jasmonate Biosynthesis?
18.01.18 Ralf Heermann TBA
02.02.18 Angelika Böttger TBA