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BioHabil Seminar Series

The BioHabil Seminar Series is an open access seminar, where you can present the following topics:seminar-series

  • Your own research (especially new people in the faculty are welcome)
  • A scientific method
  • A research problem

The talks should be no longer than 30 min + 15 min discussion. The seminar takes place Thursdays starting at 13:00, in room D00.013.

If you would like to give a presentation please contact Serena Schwenkert.

To receice the E-mail alerts please register here.

Speaker list and titles for 2018

20.12.2018 Sabine Bachmaier TBA
15.11.2018 Weihua Qin TBA
18.10.2018 Tubulis (Jonas Helma-SmetsDominik Schuhmacher) TBA
20.09.2018 Danny Meilinger TBA
19.07.2018 Cordelia Bolle TBA
21.06.2018 Jürgen Lassak Translational problems and post-translational solutions
17.05.2018 Ralf Heermann Small Talk - About the „languages“ of entomopathogenic bacteria
02.02.2018 Angelika Böttger Integration of developmental signalling pathways to regenerate lost heads in Hydra polyps