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Gene Regulation

teaser_boelter_60PD Dr. Bettina Boelter
Protein transport machineries in the chloroplast envelopes: composition, function and regulation


teaser_brachmann_60Dr. Andreas Brachmann
Genetics - Microbial Functional Genomics


teaser_classen_60Dr. Anne-Kathrin Classen (Emmy Noether Group)
Dynamic modulation of epigenetic states


teaser_conradt_60Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt
Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_cremerProf. Dr. Thomas Cremer
Human Genetics


teaser_enard_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard
Anthropology and Human Biology- Functional Primate Genomics


teaser_frank_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Plant Molecular Cell Biology


teaser_geigenberger_60Prof. Dr. Peter Geigenberger
Plant Metabolism


teaser_gompel_60Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel
Evolution & Development


teaser_gutjahr_60Dr. Caroline Gutjahr (Emmy Noether Group)
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Development


teaser_heermann_60PD Dr. Ralf Heermann
Bacterial Infection Biology


teaser_jung_k_60Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung
Molecular Microbiology


teaser_leister_60Prof. Dr. Dario Leister
Plant Molecular Biology


teaser_leonhardt_60Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt
Human Biology and BioImaging


teaser_mascher_60Prof. Dr. Thorsten Mascher
Synthetic Microbiology


teaser_mikeladze_60Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali
Cell and Developmental Biology


teaser_nickelsen_60Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen
Molecular Plant Science


teaser_parniske_60Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske
Genetics- Molecular mechanisms underlying symbiosis and disease in plant-microbe interactions


teaser_parsch_60Prof. John Parsch
Evolutionary and Functional Genomics


teaser_weiss_60Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Weiss
Molecular Human Genetics