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Plant Sciences

teaser_agerer_ersatz_60Prof. Dr. Reinhard Agerer
Systematic Mycology


teaser_boelter_60PD Dr. Bettina Bölter
Protein transport machineries in the chloroplast envelopes: composition, function and regulation


teaser_frank_60Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Plant Molecular Cell Biology


teaser_geigenberger_60Prof. Dr. Peter Geigenberger
Plant Metabolism


teaser_gutjahr_60Dr. Caroline Gutjahr (Emmy Noether Group)
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Development


teaser_heubl_ersatz_60Prof. Dr. Günther Heubl
Systematic Botany


teaser_leister_60Prof. Dr. Dario Leister
Plant Molecular Biology


teaser_nickelsen_60Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen
Molecular Plant Science


teaser_ott_60Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott
Membrane dynamics and signalling in plant-microbe interactions


teaser_parniske_60Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske
Genetics- Molecular mechanisms underlying symbiosis and disease in plant-microbe interactions


teaser_renner_ersatz_60Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner
Systematic Botany and Mycology


teaser_soll_60Prof. Dr. Jürgen Soll
Plant Biochemistry and Physiology


teaser_uhl_60Prof. Dr. Rainer Uhl
Physical Biology


teaser_vothknecht2_60Prof. Dr. Ute Vothknecht
Molecular Cell Architecture and Transport


teaser_wanner_60Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner
Ultrastructural Research