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Faculty Fest on July 9, 2015

Thanks to all co-workers, staff, students and faculty who attended the Faculty Fest 2015 – and a special thanks to the Enard group for the super organization and great music!


Fakultätsfest 2015_icon


on Thursday, July 9

starting at 15:00

Biocenter main foyer and main lecture hall B00.019

11:59 Weißwurst sale by the Fachschaft (during Tag der offenen Tür)

15:00 Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt: Aktuelle Informationen aus der Fakultät

15:15 Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel: The evolution of form diversity in flies

16:00 Coffee break, cake sale!

16:30 Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott: Das Floß in der Brandung? Die räumlich-zeitliche Organisation von Membranproteinen während zellulärer Infektionsprozesse in Pflanzen

17:15 Verleihung: Forscherpreis und Lehrpreis 2015 der Fakultät

KIDS LAB (for children from age 4) will be open until 16:30 in room G00.031

17:30 PARTY! Beer on-the-house, barbecue and live music!

All are Welcome! 

download poster (pdf, 3.7 MB)